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July 15, 1943

Dear Sir:
On August 21, 1942, I sent to the head of each department and agency of the federal government a letter, copy of which
is attached,
I call your attention to the statement contained in that
letter that "disagreements either as to fact or policy should not
be publicly aired, but are to be submitted to me by the appropriate
heads of the conflicting agencies." Notwithstanding these positive
instructions, disagreements between agencies have been publicly
aired on several occasions,
I realize the nervous strain under which government officials are working in war time but I cannot overlook any further
violations of my instructions. By this letter I do not place any
restriction upon your furnishing statements in response to Congressional inquiries. But if when you have a disagreement with
another agency as to fact or policy, instead of submitting it to me
or submitting it to the Director of War Mobilization for settlement
under the terms of the Order creating that office, you feel you should
submit it to the Press, I ask that when you release the statement
for publication, you send to me a letter of resignation.
If any subordinate of yours violates ny instructions in
this regard, I shall expect you to ask for his immediate resignation,
I am sending identical letters to the heads of every department and agency of the government.
Sincerely yours,

Honorable Marriner 5, Eccles,
Chairman, Board of Governors of
the Federal Reserve System,
Washington, D, C,