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Rider College



January(20L 1939
Mr. Marriner Eccles, Chairman
FfederalrRe serve
Washington, D. C
Monday evening I listened1 with much interest to your
speech over Station WJ!AL in Washington, TV C. It is in regard
to this speech that I am writing to you*
As manager, of the debating activities of Rider College
T would appreciate it very much if you would be able to send
me a copy of that speech as we are debating the Pi Kappa Delta
question thisffyear in our11
intercollegiate meets. This question
concerns the pump priming program of the administration,
and I feel sure that your speech would be of great value to
our teams in building up proof of their debate*
Thanking you for your very kind cooperation in regard to
this matter5 I sm.

Ve^y trul^ yours*
Oscer P. Snyaer,
Manager of ebating
Rider College,
Trentor, V.. ?.


January 28, 1939

Mr. Oscar P. £>nyder
Manager of Debating
fiider College
Trenton, New Jersey
Dear Mr* Snyder:

Mr* Eccles has asked me to acknowledge
your recent letter commenting on his radio address.
It is noted that you are Manager of debating activities at Kider College and in view of that fact 1
am enclosing not only a copy of the Chairman1 s .radio
add/ ss as you requested, but I am including also a
copy of his open letter of. December k!cf 1933, ^o
Senator Byrd. Should you nfced additional copies of
either of these papers for the use of studefcfeswtoho
are preparing for debates, I should be glad to furnish them*
Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Clayton
Assistant to the Chairman