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October 9, 19S6

Honorable Harry S* Trusan
United States Senator
Kansas City, Missouri
Siy dear Senator Truman:
I have your letter of October 5th with reference
to Mr. James K» Var&amaa, Jr*, and his qualifications* As
you &re aware, the question of filling the rejoining vacancy
on this Board is a matter entirely of the President1 s prerogatives$ but I shall of course be glad to present the information you have sent me in case I am called upon for advice in this connection*
As you know, the appointment of Chester Davis to
this Board provides the agricultural representative required
by l&wf and since he lived most of his life in Montana and
hie work in agriculture has been nation-*ide in its scope,
I think you will agree that he may be said to be representative of the agricultural rest beyond the Mississippi River.
Sfcrreover, as I have spent practically all of my life nest of
the Mississippi River and am appointed to the Board front the
twelfth Federal Reserve district, I feel that we now have
representation on the Board from the west* I mention this
because it seems to me that it would be better to base Mr.
Vardamanfs qualifications on other grounds than that of
agricultural representative or representative of the country
vest of the Mississippi*

With kind regards, I am
lours sincerely,

H. S* Eccles