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March 10, 19U7-

Casual tfc#« ©a
St«t#s Senate,
B. C.

p kaow* & portlcjs of tfee Baakiaa; Aet of 193S w*a n4~
&r««*«d to ike eubje-et of omsk holding eoKpanies* For reesoru* wfeieh
fully developed i s the extensive hearing* pre«*di&g tfee p*«**&*
this l«g£sletloa

tbm b«nk
to© oae of fterlaus €0mesim to th* Board 9

in tbm
of «fa.l«h I s

l thi» »»t*#r tog#ttey Hlt% I t s
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the Bo&rc^s 194^ tteport was filed with fongrft««f m *
laaiTldt»l bftjika ^M aaeoelatl^ad offeaafc*fe«T#mqnested tfee
to offer to tfe# Co^,y#»« a ^*®oi&« M i l far «&ktsg effective t)M»
@rvi®te« asd WfmlatiaB of fe«ak teldiag €wmpfe«l#Jt»
la Coacreca feuve made aladlttr re^uaat** jte4 eaeh %
b i l l w @ i s faet aulnltted to tbe la«t €o»fra<a* At tbe
request S* 79£ «as latrodutjed on. Mareh £-6, If45, tad later & revise!
¥er»iom of tfei« M i l H I offered oa April fS f If4$ f ^ n^y i f aubstl tuition for the earlier Mil* The reTlsatt b i l l ma intro€moe€ in the
fiovUM (B* 1* 62S5) Iwit wfea mot imtfo<tm@ei in the Seiuite, The fm-ttwwe®
mt w&r m& reeoamrttLoa amtt«r«» %mimwmf twit® natvrelly preelttdM the
foaateillty of

the ait^atlos « f f i « l a » t to leaaea th# eoae«fe, t M e l the

Eonoreble Ckarl«* W. tobmj

Board b*» f©It tm rompmot &t t h i s fcroufelesoa* Batter* ffe* ebu»«*
•erlbed In t h e Bosrdf e 1943 Export costimi* Q3aalmt#a aad uc con t r o l l e d .
, the Boev4 huAfe.«&«dt k s t I d e l i v e r to you «opi«« of »
jfca<Sc i n th« Board*» AJSKUHI Eepoirt for 1043y with t h e bop*
b i l l wtli fe« iatr©4ittc«4 1a^ ycm s»4 w i l l rsc«iT«
four ©^«§iit%s« i a

I &» &i«© *K€lo«iBg a «t«t«A«iit of tb« purposes of t h i s
say b# helpful to f^u I f amd nb«« you introduce th*

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