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Saaor&fele 6fe**l** 1* Tooojr# Chain**,
B&akisg an* H a r r o w Coasittoo,
State* Somto,

APR l «

U la Nf&9 to Ite l#fet#r of Mr, 8et»«rt C M i l , f&ilfc of tfe*
Son* to. »«i£dag tuEit Ciammoy Cossssittoo* d&t*d Mfcrvh 13» 1947, i s which tfee
**t th» Sosfd furst*h ymir CoBaeittee vitfc *a eplalon %« to
a t r l t s of $• 829* *& BUI f© ^*e^i4# far mnfcrel M i rtpt't^ti©^ of
t h l i felllf *• x«a lamr t na# l&ttod«e«d *t tfct P»fM»% ef
b*ll#vft* th&t Co»gm»#iottiLl ©saete^sst t f this
I s »ee#«f&r7 to eaabl* t l » Fed«r«l b&-aklag sup«rri#oi7 ag^iwi*©, in
Use §©®M of Ctov»nu»ri of the f t t e m l t#*«srr® Syet^Bi, to
Is th* tesScinc fi»X<4 &7 «»*a# of the
lunik boldioo: ©tm'psodr pf^bl^Bi is not « nm
a port of tfe« Basking iet of 1933, Conir»*t# for rsssoas fallj
tlio p&**ftgo of
tm i t « Ansauil lo^»rt to 0engr*«s for- 1943 th» Mmr$ efellotl ot*ovttioo to tim
i t f t l t f m t t l » ^oYifii^s» of tb« 1933 Aet d s
aro Imiofaato to pswidt *^ »ffootiv* ny^-ts® of
of «uo& «GttpoMslo*t »»* rooo»©^aa«dl t M t €k*i^r«s
joet l a tho light of t l » BonYd*« **peri#B0* witfe tho |^obX«K» Tho Boord f*»l»
that 1% wwI4 So b^lpf^l to tfe« «N»tfi#r9 ©f tfe# CmmitUm if tfeoy m i l
of t^o Bo***1! 1943 &»port «ar« Wiag m&t %& Wt. SUL1
Bo»nl liopo# HK* your eowd-tt«s# will bo 00M %•
vltidU ^*« aomr fainriu At *mh %im Urn fkmtd trill p^MMttt i s
to tit* CaMlttuMi tbe r©a»scji wteteh «nd«rly »nd support tbo
«ro eo&taiMNl in S« 829*


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