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March 3, 19U5-

Honorable Robert P. Wagner,
United States Senate,
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Senator:
Knowing of your keen interest in the natter, I am venturing
to send you a oopy of a statement I have just issued to explain the
special wartime capital gains tax proposal which I mentioned when I
was unexpectedly questioned on this subject at the hearings before
your Committee last week on the gold reserve requirement billSince you indicated particular concern at the hearing
about the inflationary dangers particularly affecting homes and
farms, I felt possibly you might care to see the full text of the
enclosed statement. I am not taking the liberty of sending it
generally to members of the Committee, but I am sending a copy to
Senator Taft because of the interest he also showed in this subject, and, in addition, I am sending copies to Senators Murdook,
of ay State, and Fulbright.
Enclosed is a most illuminating letter from an army
sergeant on this subject, which I thought you might also be
interested in seeing.
With kindest personal regards.
Sincerely yours.

M. S. Eccles,

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