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CommiTTEE /orEconomic and SOCIAL PROGRESS




Mr. Marinner Eccles,
Governor, Federal Reserve Board,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Eccles:
Mr. John Laing, of J. L. Laing & Son, Limited, is the head of the
finest and largest building company in England. Their history dates back
over three generations. Their company enjoys a reputation that, unfortunately, is not shared in America by any building company.
The Committee has received many courtesies during their studies of the
English program. Among those who have always been most cooperative has been
Mr. Laing.
As the dean of English builders, we have been very anxious to get him
over here for some time. However, he has always said he was too busy building
homes to come to America to talk about it. With perseverance we finally convinced him that he could do a great deal of good by coming over here and talking with some of our leaders in home building and home mortgage finance.
Mr. Laing will arrive in New York on September
in this country for about two weeks. We have planned a
you can be particularly helpful, while at the same time
information and knowledge that should be valuable to us

20th, and will remain
program for him in which
we can get first-hand
in a national program.

On the 29th of September a large luncheon is being given to Mr. Laing
in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Astor. Speeches will be broadcast over the
radio on a forty-five or sixty minute program. The New York Building Congress,
in conjunction with the Committee, are tendering him this luncheon.
On the evening of September 24th I am giving a little dinner in Washington, in Mr. Laingfs honor, at the Hotel Shoreham. About fifteen men will be
invited, among whom will be those mentioned in the enclosed list.
May I ask you to consider this letter an invitation to join us at
dinner on the above-mentioned evening, at seven-thirty P.M.? I will phone
you on Thursday or Friday.
I think that this will be an excellent opportunity for all of us to
show our English cousins that we can do honor to one who represents them, as
well as Mr. Laing. A great deal of good will and knowledge will come out of
his visit.

• Economic and SOCIAL PROGRESS \

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I hope you will find it possible toaccept this invitation.
Kindest personal regards.
Cordi^Hy yours,

Committee for Economic, and Social Progress
19 3 7
Invited Guests:

Stewart MacDonald
John D. Biggers
J. II. Daiger
Frederic A. Delano


Marinner Eccles
John Fahey
A. S. Freed
Thomas S. Holden


John Laing
Ormond Loomis
Daniel C. Roper
Horace Russell

September 17, 1937.

Mr. Allie S. Freed, Chairman,
Committee for Economic and Social Progress,
730 Fifth Avenue,
New York City, New York.
Dear Sir:
fiepiying to your letter of September 15th addressed to Mr. Marriner Eccles, Mr. Eccles is in the
West at the present time and does not expect to return
to Washington until some time after the fifth of
It will, therefore, be impossible for Mr*. Eccles
to accept your kind invitation to the dinner which you
are giving for Mr. John Laing of J.L. Laing & Son,
Limited, on the evening of September 24th.
Very truly yours,

Secretary to Mr. M. S. -^ccles.