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September 29, 1956
Dear Mr* Eccles:
It is about this time, I believe, that you
are to be back in Washington, and since it is possible
that you will be seeing the President soon I am passing
along, for what they may be worth, two observations that
have impressed themselves on me during a trip that has
taken me through ten States, from New England to the South*
First, the reaction of the common run of
people to the Landon campaign is that "the same old money
crowd is trying to get control again." This reaction seems
to be instinctive, and to be pretty general* I should say
that it is the strongest negative argument for the reelection
of the President that I have encountered, and that the persons who make it do so with the full force of positive conviction • It comes from both the head and heart of the rank
and file.
Second, the upper middle-class of business
and professional men and their first-line employes are not
members of the We-Hate-Roosevelt Club and they are only
half-hearted members of the Landon-for-President Glub.
Their defection from the President is more in sorrow than
in anger} ttiey are weakening in their support of Landon now
that the cellophane build-up is off and the "Little Man,
What Now?" side of Landon is apparent* But they are very
definitely and genuinely suspicious of "what these men around
the President are trying to lead him into.11 There is no
doubt that the fellows who do their thinking at the nineteenth
hole feel thatltthe President may be in some danger of being
outsmarted by insiderstf who have a business-be-damned attitude •
I look forward to seeing you next week*
Yours sincerely,