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F r a n k A . V a n d e r l ip
J oseph M ead

March 9, 1935

Mr. M. C. Eccles, Governor
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Dear Governor Eccles s
We should like to reproduce in the next issue
of ECONOMIC FORUM your address of the other evening at
the Harvard Club in New York, and I wonder if you would
find it possible to permit us to do this. Or, possibly,
you may wish to amend this paper somewhat or supplement
it with additional material so that it practically would
be the equivalent of a new paper.
If this request is agreeable to you, would you
please send us a copy of your speech as we do not have
a copy availablei

Sincerely yours,


March 12, 1935

Mr. Joseph Mead, Editor,
Economic Forum,
51 Fine Street,
Hew York, New York»
Dear Mr. Mead:
In reply to your letter of March 9th, I
am sorry I am unable to comply with your request for
a copy of my address before the Harvard Business
School Club in New York as I have only the one copy
which I marked up.
I had not thought it advisable to circulate
any copies of my address as I was anxious to avoid
publicity and controversy with reference to the sub­
ject matter of my speech while other matters for which
I have a more direct responsibility, such as banking
legislation, are pending. I may at a later date have
copies made of my complete address and if I do so I
shall be glad to mail you a copy if you so desire.
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,