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March X, 19^6,
lira. Prisoilla A. Petersen,
11669 South Main Street,
Los Angeles 3« California.
Dear Mrs. Petersen:
I have read your letter of February 25 and agree
with you that there is plenty of room for reformation in
the habits of our people.
I think, however, that you have been grossly
aisinformed about Mr. Bowles and many of his staff in
OPA with whom 1 am acquainted. It is a thankless, difficult job but I do not know any group of men who have
tried in a more disinterested way to carry on this necessary fight against the evil of inflation. They undoubtedly
have made many mistakes and Mr. Bowles has always been
frank in admitting the difficulties of administering price
controls. I know that he is doing all he can to correct
inequities*. I know that he serves at a great personal
sacrifice and would welcome the day when it would be safe
for the eoonony to do away with the OPA altogether.
I am venturing to enclose a brief discussion of
the problem which I presented in a prepared statement to
the Bonking and Currency Committee of the House last Monday.
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Ecoles,

ET ;b