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Hon. Marriner S. Eccles
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Marriner:
I am enclosing the confirmation, guaranteed, of your
room reservation for March 30-31. I talked with Mr. Nardin over
the telephone, telling him of the time of your arrival and departure and that your desire to have a visit with him was the primary
reason for your stop in St. Louis. He indicated that sometime in
the afternoon would probably be the best for your get-together
and that he would let me know definitely later. I have explained
that you plan to call at the Bank here and on some of the executives in the Pet Milk office.
Since he seemed to prefer an afternoon engagement to
one in the evening, I would like very much to have you have dinner
with Helen and me after which we will take you to the airport.
There are some matters here which I want very much to discuss with
you. I will get back from Chicago on the 6:28 plane that evening.
Mr. Dearmont plans to be here, and he can bring you upto-date on one quite serious problem on which we are working
arising out of the Gerald B. Allen estate ownership of a small
plot of ground on which the Federal Reserve Bank building was
erected. It is hard to understand why the officers and board of
the Federal Reserve Bank ever built on this site with that defect
in its ground ownership, but they did and we have to work it out.
This is one of the subjects I v r n to discuss with you. The offi\at
cial personnel situation in the Bank is another. I very much hope
you can let me have the evening, particularly since it appears
that it would fit in with Mr. Nardin1s situation.
Incidentally, I am afraid you will find that he has
failed considerably since you last saw him. He said over the telephone that he was feeling badly which is quite an admission for
him to make.
I am terribly sorry that the CED engagement falls on the
31st. I resigned as vice-chairman of the research committee and
tried to resign from the Committee itself, but they insisted that
I continue as a member even though I told them 1 would not be able
to attend any of their meetings. iVhen the Committee decided to

-2Marriner S. Eccles
issue a new agricultural policy statement, I declined the chairmanship of the drafting committee which Walter YiTilliams himself
assumed. I did, however, agree to meet with them in the course
of the preparation of the draft. Williams' schedule is extraordinarily tight, and the 31st is the only day that week he can
arrange to be in Chicago. The officers will be expecting you and
would like to arrange a luncheon meeting for you to which the
local directors and some of the local bankers would be invited,
if you will agree. I would appreciate it if you would wire me
early in the week your wishes in the matter. Perhaps you would
prefer to lunch here at the Bank with the officers and local
directors. We will make whatever arrangement suits you best.

Looking forward to seeing you, I am
Sincerely yours,

Chester C. Davis




March 23, 1949

Air Mail
Hon. Marriner S. Kccles
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington 25, D. C.
Dear Marriner:
Late yesterday I received a wire excusing me from
the CED meeting in Chicago on March 31. If agreeable with
you, I will call at the Jefferson Hotel a little before ten
. ,r
in the morning and walk over with you to the Pet liilk Build- '
ing where John Latzer is expecting you. We will have a
quiet little luncheon here at the Bank at 12ik$ and will get
you out to Mr. Nardin's where he will be expecting you around
three o'clock. I will pick you up at the Nardins1 and we will
go over to the apartment where Helen will be expecting you
for dinner. 1 hope these arrangements will be satisfactory
to you.
Incidentally 1 just had a letter from Henry Edmiston. You may have heard that he is going with the Kansas
City Life Insurance Company on April 1 as vice president in
charge of investments. He will be here on the 31st, and
although he will be a little late I have asked him to come
directly to the dining room and join us at lunch. He has
to leave that afternoon for Kansas City. He and Helen are
really thrilled on getting back near home.
Iie are all looking forward to your visit with
Dleasurable anticiDation.

Sincerely yours,

Chester C. Davis

March 23a 1949.

Dear Chester:
i c n 3 lad t o note from ^our l e t t e r of
itarch-^3 that you are gcrng to be in St, Louis on
the 31st, and that I will have an opportunity to have
a visit with you.
- i note you suggest calling at the Jefferson
Hotel a l i t t l e before 10*00 o'cl^fc^ Thursday aorning,
and walking with me over to the Pet Milk Company Building.
I t will not be necessary for you to do that, as
I plan to go over tnere at 10:30 and can take a t a x i .
I will go direct to the Bank from the Pet offices, gettin,
there in time for the Iks 30 luncheon, &nd,witft the
exception of ay visit with Mr. Itardin in the fcfternoon,
I will be in your hands until I catch the plane at
9:45 P.M.
Hill kindest regards*
Sincerely yours,

lir. Chester Dfcvis,
federal Reserve b&nk of 5t• Louis,
St. Louis, Missouri.