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F. J.




Acting Managing Editor

Associate Editor


2 2 N D AND M STS. N. W .

September 25, 1941

Bmu Marriaer S # Eecles
Federal Reserve B@ard
//ashingtoil, D. C.
Dear Mr*.. I c e l e a :
May we have the benefit of your viewpoint on t h i s new
question of national defense?
President roosevelt urges Congress to speed up p r i c e - c o n t r o l
l e g i s l a t i o n t o avert i n f l a t i o n » Treasury Secretary Morgenthau favors
a c e i l i n g on farm prices but not on wages«
Because of the importance of t h i s issue, The United States
News, to obtain a cross-section of infonaed opinion, would be very
g r a t e f u l to you f o r a prompt, brief and s p e c i f i c answer to the
following question:
Should p r i c e - c o n t r o l l e g i s l a t i o n now pending
in Congress be amended to include c e i l i n g s on
wages and farm prices?
W w i l l appreciate from you a reply of about 100 words, by
special d e l i v e r y , or by telegraph press r a t e c o l l e c t , so that
i t w i l l reach us by or before Wednesday, October 1, or by Thursday,
October 2, at the l a t e s t •
May we have your cooperation, please? Our Question of the
Week page i s widely read because of the outstanding importance in t h e i r
respective f i e l d s of those whose r e p l i e s are published*
Awaiting your reply,

Assistant Managing Editor


October 1, 1941•

Mr. F. J . Hall,
Assistant Managing E d i t o r ,
The United States News,
22nd and M S t r e e t s , N. W.,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Hall:
Chairman I c c l e s requested me t o thank
you f o r your l e t t e r of September 25, requesting
a statement in regard t o pMce control l e g i s l a t i o n , and to enclose a copy of the brief prepared
statement which he presented t o the Committee
since t h i s statement covers t h e point you r a i s e .
Very t r u l y yours,
(Signed) E l l i o t t Thurston
E l l i o t t Thurston,
Special Assistant
t o t h e Chairman.
ET cm