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The FirstNational Bank of Denver, Colorado
Denver, Colorado

November 12th, 1942

Dear Marriner:
The State Administrator of the War Savings for Colorado
has repeatedly and publicly given much of the credit for the results
outlined in the enclosed clipping to the cooperation of and the active
assistance rendered by Victory Fund Committees throughout the State.
If a procedure were definitely outlined and wholehearted
cooperation officially ordered through the country by the Secretary
of the Treasury, greater success would follow a natural division of
effort, holding the War Savings staff responsible for carrying on all
general promotional work, all mass selling through payroll deductions,
all mass effort in cooperation with the moving picture and other
industries, labor organizations, the press, radio, etc., and holding
the Victory Fund Committees responsible for selling all forms of
Treasury offerings through well organized direct solicitation from
individual and corporate entities.
In spite of lack of clarity and confusing contradictions in
directive orders, such a division has worked here to produce a maximum
of war dollars for the Treasury which should be the fundamental objective of both groups regardless of credit or personalities.
I hope you will discuss this problem further with the

Yours very truly,




ate Chairman
Victory Fund Committee
for Colorado.
Eon. Marriner S. Eccles
Federal Reserve Board
Yfashington, D. C.
Carbon copies:
Ralph Nicholas, Esq.,
Colorado State Administrator
for War Savings
H. G. Leedy, Esq., President
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

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Denver Post, “Colorado Is Third in Buying of War Bonds in October,” November 10, 1942.

loveaber 27, 19i*2.

Mr* John Bvans, State Chairman,
Victory Fund Committee for Colorado,
The First Rational Bank of Denver,
Denver, Colorado.
Dear Johns
Since receiving your letter of Hovember 12 with
regard to the success you have had in Colorado in the division of responsibilities between the War Savings and the
Victory Fund Committees, there has been almost constant discussion of ways and means to improve the set-up throughout
the country. I was interested to have your commentary and
the enclosed clipping in connection with these discussions.
As you are probably aware, the revised plan
places the responsibility on the Victory Fund Committees
for the sale of all issues except Series E, which it will
be the task of the War Savings staff to promote. At the
same time the Beserve System is going ahead to augment the
Victory Fund organisation with paid as well as voluntary
workers in all of the major communities of the country.

With best regards,
Sincerely yours,