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August 24thtI944#
REPLY:Post Office Box-628*

Honorabl©fMariner S.Eccles,
Chairman.Federal Reserve Board.
Dear Mr.Chairman:
The writer has been following passing events in offical Washington for sometime and your proposal to authorize federal reserve banks to guarantee private loans to business is sound law»
We are very much interested as recently our technical executive
shipping group formed the "OLSON STEAMSHIP A NAVIGATION CORPORATION* to operate
a shipping line on a World trade basis*
We will operate for the present on charter ship and later buy
ships when opportunity presents themself on end of war.Our sincre desires as all
good Americans will be to fly these ships under American flag;however9under the
present United States Maritime Commission out of date shipping policies it seems
hopeless only in the event such a bill as you have presented offers to us type
business the opportunity of loaning funds to operate such a line and buy American

We will appreciate a copy of the bill along with any sujestions
/ you may care to offer as to our chances of obtaining financing under such a Government loan program.
We can and will operate a shipping line on a World wide basis at
a fair return on money invested and hope America will not force our group to go
into the foreign markets of the World to establish a steamship line in competition
to America on the high seas of the World due to out moded maritime supervision and
dead laws*
^^^ )




September 5> 1944

Mr. Vincent Harris Olson, President,
Newport Shipbuilding Corporation,
P. 0. box 628,
Pasadena, California•
Dear Mr. Olson:
Chairman Eccles asked me to reply to your letter
to him of august ¿4 in which you comment on the pending
legislation which would authorize federal Reserve Banks to
guarantee loans made by commercial banks.
KS requested, I am enclosing herewith a copy of
the bill, also a mimeographed statement which was made a
part of the Congressional Record by Senator Wagner at the
time the bill was introduced.
It is too early as yet to venture any opinion as
to whether this legislation will become lav/ and, if so,
whether your newly-formed corporation would qualify for such
a loan. If the legislation is passed, appropriate regulations
will be issued to the Federal Reserve Banks which will, in
turn, advise the commercial banks of the country as to the
details of the program.
Y0urs very truly,

Lawrence Clayton,
Assistant to the Chairman.


CC: Miss Benton