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September 15, 1%5*
Hon. Marriner S. Secies, Chairman,
Board of Governors of the Federal
Reserve System,
Washington 25> D»C«
Bear Marriner:
In this morning1 s TIMES there is a despatch from Washington
stating that you have written to the chairmen of the committees of both
houses of Congress, considering President Truman's program for reorganization of the executive branch of the government, to the effect that
the Federal Reserve Board wants to reorganise11 and that "the Board had
not previously requested and does not now wish exemption from the opera*
tion of such a measure.11 Inasmuch as this is a matter" of vital interest
to the Federal Reserve Banks as well as to the Board, I hope that you can
send me a copy of your letter, together with some background of the Board's
thinking on the matter*

lours sine