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June 8, 1942

Honorable Marriner S. Fccles, Chairman
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.

Dear Marriner:
We are looking forward with much
pleasure to your visit T^ith us at our meeting
on July 8.


I have just acknowledged Larry's
letter and advised him that I would get in
touch with him at a later date.
I do hope that you will have time
to include a motor trip to some of the interesting places in New England.
I played golf with John Fahey a few
days ago and he is very anxious to have a game
with you at Tedesco.
With my best regards to you.




July 9, 1942

Honorable Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman
Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.

Dear Marriner:
It is a real pleasure to report to you that your visit was
much appreciated by the bankers and friends whom you saw here in "New
You gave our Directors much food for thought and they
appreciated your frank discussion of the future of the Federal Reserve
System. I believe that your remarks regarding the so-called Balderston
Plan and the Research Work in the different Districts will be considered
very carefully by our Directors and should prove to be very helpful to
The bankers present at our conference in the afternoon
enjoyed your talk regarding the problems of the Federal Reserve System
and particularly your remarks regarding the Government Bond situation.
All of the principal banks of Boston were represented at
the meeting and I was glad to note that one of our outstanding citizens,
Charles Francis Adams, whom you will remember as Secretary of the Navy,
stayed in town to attend the meeting.
A list of the Bankers attending the afternoon Conference
will be sent on tomorrow.
My best regards to you.


July U,

Mr* Albert X. Creighton,
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston,
Boston, Massachusetts.
Dear AXbertt
I Sjppreeiato your writing as under date of July 9 to
the effect that you believe ay visit to Boston was appreciated
by the bankers and others with whoa we conferred. I, snyself,
enjoyed the meeting and the luncheon with the Directors, as well
as the conference in the afternoon with representatlTes of tho
principal local banks. I hops they gained a better appreciation
•f the formidable problems that we are facing in our effort to
win the war on the financial and econosdc front*
I wast to take this opportunity to repeat what I told
yon in person; oasMtLy, that I as indebted to you for a most delightful three day*1 vacation. It was not only a lot of fan,
but there was variety in each day*s program and X had my first
opportunity of •••ing the Mew England countryside. I do not see
how I could have gained a better appreciation of the beauties of
Mew England in so brief a time.
In particular, I wast to thank you and Mrs. Creighton
for the hospitality I enjoyed at your hoas. Brery minute was a
pleasure sad I cannot imagine a more gracious host sad hostess.
Pleas* tell Mrs* Creighton how aueh I appreciate the hospitality
sad ths opportunity to beooas better acquainted. I hope you will
give as a chance to reciprocate the next tins you C O B S to Washington.

with best wishes, I am
Sincerely yours,