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October 5, 1949

Dear Marriner:
Yesterday in our executive meeting llr* Earhart
advised us that your urother ueorge had just returned from
an important E C A assignment. Hence, on the dinner program
of October *.L, we thought it would be well to ask him to
speak for about ten minutes. I am always apprehensive of
getting too much on a program and wondered whether putting
three of us on the same evening might not be a little bit
onerous for the poor misguided listeners. However, I know
we ail would like to near from both brothers Eccles and
thus I have told Dr. mellman, who is the Cnairman of our
agenda Committee, that we will figure on having George Eccles
say a few words* I have agreed to limit myself to fifteen
minutes at the outside and think that this would be about
the right length for your discourse on the significance and
consequences of devaluation. 1 realize that you can't
possibly cover such a comprehensive subject in such a short
time, but will rely upon you simply to hit the high spots
so that our auditors won't think that we are trying to triple
up on them. I am sure that this is a much more pertinent
subject than the one originally suggested and we are all
looking forward to your remarks with great interest, especially myself.
It was pleasant to see you even for a moment in
Washington but I am looking forward to a better visit when
we are in Salt Lake.

(Signed) B. H.

Mr. Marriner S. Eccles
Federal heserve System

Washington, D. C.

Is Vnis