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May 29, 1959

Hon. Marriner S* Eccles
Chairman of the Board of Governors
Federal Land Bank
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Eccles:
I write to tell you how much I enjoyed
meeting you the other night when you were in
Houston and hearing you speak.
I admit that I do not have a clear con­
ception of the money question and banking problems
that come before you and your Board, but I found
your speech very instructive and enlightening.
I also found that I was in agreement
with you on a great many matters of general import
that we discussed personally while I was seated
by you at the table. I do recognize, I believe, that
it is not appropriate to stand on the side lines
and criticize efforts that may be made to meet chang­
ing conditions in finance and business and all the
other relationships of life. I do not like to
place myself, in any event, in the attitude of a
side line base ball player, because everybody ought
to realize that people who are doing the job, what­
ever it is, are much more likely to be fully in­
formed about the situation than those who are simply
looking on it either from a purely personal or
selfish standpoint, or from a particular business
We were honored with your visit and appre­
ciated very much the exposition of your views and
the candor with which you meet the situation and
undertake to find the appropriate remedies.


Hon. Marriner S. Eccles


May 29, 1939

I shall hope to see you again soon.
Please give my best regards to "Pack, f
and with best of personal wishes, I am

June 5, 1939.

Mr. Wright Morrow,
Shell Building,
Houston, Texas.
Dear Mr. Morrow:
I was gratified to have your letter
of May 29 with reference to ray recent visit to
I find that many of my friends
recognize, as you do, that banking and economic
problems before us today are not quite as simple
as would appear from the nature of typical
resolutions adopted by various organizations. It
seems to me that active criticism of Government
measures and policies is desirable, provided, how­
ever, that it is intelligent and realistic, and,
of course, much of it is not.
I greatly enjoyed the opportunity
to visit Texas and hope that I may have that
privilege again one of these days so that I may
renew acquaintance with you.
With kind personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,