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1755 NW 59th St.,
June 27th, 1959*
Hon* Marriner Eooles,
Federal Reserve Board«
Dear Mr.Eocles:
Congratulations on your clear perception regarding increase
of old age pensions to create greater purchasing power* (w.Merry-Go-Round 6/27).
Do you know of GENERAL WELFARE BILL HR 5620, whitfc is a
simple, economical, pay-as-you-go bill written by one of the keenest legis­
lative experts in the oountry, Arthur L. Johnson, head of General Welfare
federation of Awerioa and formerly for 20 years labor legislative representative
ibr stafceof California!
This bill provides for $50-$60 per month to all/ab 60 , finanoed
by a gross income tax on added values (non-pyrRaiding). Since Dr. Gallup*«
poll shows that 94% of the people favor old age pensions of $40-|60 per month,
and 8756 would be wllling to pay extra tax to support sase,
it would seem
that this bill deserves due consideration fcoa all who are working for the
greatest good ibr the greatest mmber# i.e. if we are still a DEMOCRACY.
As it now stands, this splendid bill is stymied in the Ways &
Keans Coomittee (while crackpot Townsend bill wa» released for vote). But
a petition is now before the House to foroe it out of ocnmittee and at least
allow fair consideration of sane.
Will you not use your good offices to help get this bill, which
is the ONLY one that meets the views of the common people and the expert
economists also» out on the floor for a hearing?
If the Daaocratio party
does not enact seme old age relief program that is more satisfactory than the
present ridiculous Social Security Act (which NOBODY likes), they oan certainly
expect certain defeat at thepolls in 1940«
If the powers that be think they
oan deliberately defy the wishes of 94% of the American people, they a. re due
for a rude awakening in 1940*
For this reason I am appealing to you,-who are grounded in the
inexorable principles of Christianity as applied to every phase of life as
the CHLY solution to our problems» to lend the full weight of your assistance
to this just 4 pressing cause*
It is right from a HUMANITARIAN standpoint,
from an ECONOMIC standpoint, and fra * a POLITICAL standpoint*
Need I say more?
Thanks in advance for your help in this vital matter, and with
best wishes for your splendid work along progressive lines, I am

P. S. The Nat. Executive Board of ®.1.0.
has just adopted resolution to make a
national canpaign to achieve*real security *
for aged on pensions of $60-*90, which is
virtually our bill*

__ ^
Olire S. Ford
Member National Advisory oxmoil
General Welfare Federationof America


July 1, 1939.

Miss Olive S. i'ord,
Member, J.Mation«il advisory Council,
General welfare Federation of America,
1755 N « 39th Street,
Miami, Florida.
Dear Miss Ford:
This is to acknowledge receipt of your
letter of June 27« I was interested to have your
comments on the subject of pensions.
While I am hot familiar with the pro­
visions of H.fu 5620 and there is no direct way
in which I can be of any help in gaining con­
sideration for it, I am in favor of paying out
higher pensions at this time instead of taxing
pension funds out of the public and thus out of
purchasing power. This is, to my mind, a heavy
drag on recovery.
I wanted you to know that I was glad to
have your comments and appreciated your interest
and courtesy in writing to me.
Sincerely yo&rs,

M. S. Eccles,