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D A L L A S ,T E X A S
R . L. T H O R N T O N

May 9, 1959


Dear Mr. Iccles:

I notice you will be here the last day,
I believe it is, of the Texas Bankers Association
Convention. Why not fly down Monday night, May 15,
and be here Tuesday and attend a Garden Party Mrs.
Thornton and I are giving at our home, 6941 Gaston
Avenue, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m., to the bankers of Texas
who are in attendance at the convention. It would
give the bankers of this district a fine opportunity
to meet you and for you to know them better.
The party is a "hit and run" Texas affair,
and it might be that you would also enjoy it. If
Mrs. Iccles is coming with you we would, of course,
be delighted to have her attend the party with you.
With kindest regards and best wishes, I am

Mr. Marriner S. Eccles
c/o Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D.C.

May 11, 1939*

Dear Mr. Thornton:
Your letter of May 9, suggesting that I fly
down to Dallas ahead of the schedule I had arranged
and inviting me to attend the Garden Party which you
and Mrs. Thornton are giving on Tuesday afternoon, is
very much appreciated. Unfortunately from my stand­
point, it will be impossible for me to leave earlier
than I had intended and, therefore, I shall not be able to
take advantage of your kind hospitality.
On behalf of Mrs. Eccles and myself, 1 wish you
would express our thanks and regrets to Mrs. Thornton.
I hope I may have the pleasure of seeing you while I am
in Dallas.
With kindest personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

Mr. it. L. Thornton, President,
Mercantile National Bank at Dallas,
Dallas, Texas.