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B u f f a l o Ev e n in g N e w
Ed w a r d


H. B u t l e r , e d i t o r a n d p u b l i s h e r

Ma n a g in g Editor

April 19, 1937.

Hon. Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman,
The Federal Reserve Board,
Washington, D. C.
My dear Mr. Eccles:
It was a real pleasure to
meet you, and on behalf of the American Society of
Newspaper Editors I want to extend to you in this
somewhat more formal manner our sincere thanks for
your highly informative talk at the off-the-record
session on Friday.
I heard a number of those
present say that it was the first real glimpse they
have had into some of the major policies Qf the ad­
ministration and, so far as I am concerned, I wish
to add that it gave a new and helpful insight into
some of our Federal policies.
Thanking you again, and
with kindest regards, I beg to remain
Very sincerely yours,



April 23 , 1937.

Mr. A. H. Kirchhofer, Managing Editor,
Buffalo Evening News,
Buffalo, New York.
My dear Mr. Kirchhofer:
Your letter of April 19th generously
commenting upon my off the record talk before the
American Society of Newspaper Editors was very
much appreciated. Inasmuch as I had no adequate
opportunity to prepare what I might say since I
have been under unusually heavy pressures recently
and I was not feeling particularly up to the mark
on that day, I was far from satisfied with my own
efforts. In fact, I was distinctly dissatisfied.
So, it was all the more gratifying to have your
reassuring note and I appreciate your thoughtful­
ness in writing.
with kind regards,
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,