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February 22, 1951

Dear Marriner :
Here is a clipping from our paper which

presents your

44-hour week suggestion i n the manner you intended*

I used the

material you sent to me—the extract from the letter you wrote to
a labor leader*
Indeed the battle against i n f l a t i o n goes on, but some progress
has been nade i n the form of educating the people to the pe i l s .
•I observe a decided improvement in the attitude of the people
I encounter*
A real smashing attack on the problem would receive
widespread public support, I feel sure.
You are entitled to feel pleased over the results flawing
from your release of the White House memorandum*
As ax a reader of Congressional Record I enjoyed the
episode of the exchange a£ letters between Vardaman and pricker*
I t was plain Var daman expected to receive

Bricker f s applause and

i t must have startled him to get a kick i n the pants instead*
Well you must be having fun even though i t is a mighty
grim and important emus ad e

upon which you are embarked.


me informed of your statements and addresses and don*t l e t m
get scooped on any important news affecting you.


Darrell J. Greenwsll

February 27, 1951 •

Dear Darrells
I want to thank you for running the article,
Explains 4A-Hour Week", in the February 19 issue
of The Ogden Standard Examiner>

I w i l l be glad to send you copies of any of m
written statements and addresses, and w i l l try to see that
you do not get scooped on any important news effecting me.
With kindest regards,
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles*

Mr. Darrell J, Greenwell,
The Ogden Standard Examiner,
Ogden, Utah.


February 15, 1951.

L-ear barrelli
X just racelTed &^ covering
the 0s article wnich appeared in your paper on
January 2$ relative to s p j t Appearance before the
Joint Cossiiitt^e on the Seonoaic Report in Its
hearings on the Presidents iSeonosie Program.
Unfortunately, i t w s b*d reporting because it
an entirely wrong impression, as you will
note i'roa the c-d portion of the enclosed
copy of ajr stat^ent.
pcclosist: an excerpt frets &
letter which I ju$t wrote to & labor leader
w:iicn briefly explr inn the economic justification for the longer vork week as a be el a for
Increasing production and ccnbattin^ inflation*
The battle for the oefencft of tl,» dollar g < s oc
i>ut coed not s e i to be succeeding v^ry well*
With kind regards,
Sincerely yours#

M. S. Sccles,
I4r» Darrell Greenwall,
Ogden Standard Examiner,
Ogaen, Utah.