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The Texas Bankers Association
W A.PhilpottJr.

Organized 1885
Incorporated 100c


T exas

March 30,

Mr. Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman
Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. C.
Dear Chairman Eccles:
Our organization will hold it’s Fifty-Fifth Annual
Convention in Dallas May 16, 17, 18.
It is the eager wish of our general officers and
membership at large to have you with us at that time, as a
feature speaker in one of our business sessions and to visit
with us for the full three days if possible. We will have
two thousand bankers from the Eleventh Federal Reserve District
in attendance and we know what you have to say will be of great
interest and benefit to all.
We appreciate the fact that you are deeply engrossed
in Washington at all times, particularly during a Congressional
session. We are hoping, however, that in this instance you
can make the trip to Dallas. If it is impossible for you to
stay longer than one, or, say, two days, we can arrange to have
you on the program on that day which would best suit your con­
venience. We prefer, however, to have you on the last day,
May 18.
U/u+ft' „
Again expressing the hope that you can be with us on
this occasion, and with best possible thoughts and good wishes,
I am.


April 11, 1939.
Mr. «. A. Philpott, Jr., Secretary,
The Texas Bankers Association,
Dallas, Texas.
Dear Mr. Philpott:
My reply to your letter of March 30 has been
somewhat delayed as I have been out of town over the weekend
and have not been able to tell exactly what my program would
I have long hoped to have an opportunity to come
to Texas, especially to visit the Federal Reserve Bank of
Dallas, arid it occurred to me that if I could arrange matters
here, I might combine a visit to the bank with acceptance of
your very kind invitation to attend the Fifty-fifth Annual
Convention of the Texas Bankers Association to be held in
Dallas May 16, 17 and 18, and possibly to speak at one of the
At the present moment I feel that 1 can only
tentatively accept with the understanding that if circum­
stances arise over which I have no control that would prevent
my coming, 1 can advise you somewhat closer to the time. In
any case, if it would not inconvenience you, I would prefer
to give you a more definite answer during the first week in
May when I can tell better what the outlook will be here.
In the meantime, please accept my thanks for your
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,