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Sears,Roebuck and Co
Executive Offices


Chairman of theBoard

March 1 9 , 19A0

Mr. Mr. Marriner S. Eccles, Chairman,
Federal Reserve Board,
shington, D. C.
My dear Marriner:
Could you give me an idea about the
program for the Sea Island meeting on the T?th,
13th and lAth. Is it possible that our business
may be conmleted by noon of the 13th? ^h^T-o ^ s
a possibility I may have to go up to New York on
the evening of the 13th, flying from Savannah.
I will appreciate your letting me

Sincerely yours,


March 22, 1940.

Mr. B* Mm Wood,
Chairman of the Board,
Sears, Roebuck and Co»,
Chicago, Illinois.
Dear General:
This is to acknowledge your letter of March
19 regarding the possibility of your having to leave
Sea Island on Saturday afternoon, 3tj>ril 1?. I
certainly hope that you will he able to defer your
departure until Sunday, at least. While, no doubt,
th© actual business sessions will be .finished by
lunch time on Saturday, the rest of the time will be
devoted to informal gatherings and outdoor activities,
including & dinner on Saturday evening. It will be
very disappointing to everyone if you find it necessary to leave before Sunday, as the meeting is being
held at Sea Island in the hope that those attending
can remain for the full three days.
The Board has not yet been furnished ?#ith
complete details of the agenda and program, but it
is our understanding here that Friday*s meeting ^ill
be conducted by the Chairmen and the Board Members
will have charge of the session on Saturday,
I do hope that you will find it possible to
rearrange your schedule so that you can remain the
full three days of the meeting*
sincerely yours,

M. £• Eccles,