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Hon. Marriner Eccles
Governor, Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Hon. Marriner Eccles:
The rising liberalism of the deep South
amazes me. Here we are giving front page space to
a damnyankee and I thought you might like to see the
fine press your statement achieved here in old Augusta.
Even the membership of Burning Tree gets
occasional and pleasant representation in our fair city.
Floyd Akers, together with a couple of guests, arrived
last Saturday at the Augusta National to play the
Masters and hoist a glass to liberty and justice. We
had a delightful time.
Incidentally, if the humidity and the thermometer ever get too severe for you in Washington just
drop me a note. I can offer you some of the finest
golf and golfing weather its ever been my good fortune
to encounter.
Warmest personal regards and please give my
best to Larry Clayton.

President & General Manager
ADW: fah

December 13, 1949*

Dear Jess:
Thanks for your letter of November 23, enclosing a clipping from
the Augusta Chronicle regarding my recent appearance before the economic
subcommittee headed by Senator Douglas. I very much appreciate your thoughtfulness, more especially since you seem to have absorbed some of the antipathy
of the South toward us "damnyankees1*! The article is good reporting and I
am glad to have it for my scrapbook.
I take it from your letterhead that you have deserted us at the
Burning Tree Club for the "fair" South — if so, you certainly are going to
be missed. I have been away from Washington a great deal during the past four
or five months, so I thought you, like myself, were away only temporarily.
I am hoping I may have an opportunity to go South sometime before the winter
is over, but my next trip will be to the west for the Christmas holidays.
No doubt you have heard of Larry Clayton's sudden death a week
ago Saturday night of a cerebral hemorrhage, 'ft© had as usual on
Saturday afternoon and when I left him at 5*30 he seemed to be in his usual
good spirits. It was a great shock to me. He will be missed greatly by his
many friends throughout the country, and particularly by those at Burning Tree.
I extend to you and yours my very best wishes for a Happy Holiday
Season, and for good health and lots of success during the New Year.
With warmest personal regards,

Mr. A. D. Willard, Jr.,
c/o The Twin States Broadcasting
Company, Radio Station MJAC,
Augusta, Georgia.