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LouislW. M u n r o , ’23, President

Doremus & Company
50 Congress Street, Boston
E. P a u l F l o y d , ’ 28, Vice-President


Simonds, Saw & Steel Company
Fitchburg, Mass.
B o y c e F. M a r t i n , '3 0 , Secretary-Treasurer

Harvard Business School
Soldiers Field, Boston

Alumni Bulletin Editor
J o h n H u n t e r S e d g w ic k

Harvard Business School
Soldiers Field, Boston

April 1«, 1939
Mr. Marriner Eccles
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr* Eccles:
The Harvard Business School Alumni Association is
holding its Ninth Annual Special Meeting on Friday,
June 16, and Saturday, June 17. At this meeting,
men of national and international prominence will
address our alumni on subjects of importance relat­
ing to business, economics and finance.
It is the unanimous desire of this Committee and of
our entire Alumni Council that a most cordial invi­
tation be extended to you to be one of the principal
speakers at either our Friday or our Saturday session,
whichever will be most convenient for you.
In view of your outstanding achievements, we believe
that an address by you would be the high-light of our
meeting. It has been the good fortune of several
members of our Committee to have listened to you on
different occasions and I speak for our Committee
when I say that any subject you wish to discuss would
meet with our enthusiastic approval.
We shall be greatly honored by your acceptance of our
invitation and we await your reply with high hope that
your decision will be favorable.
Very truly yours,


Program Committee