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W A C O ,T E X A S.




Mr. Marriner S. Eccles
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Eccles:
Noting that you are to appear on the program
of the Texas Bankers Convention in Dallas next
week, Mrs. Laey and I wondered if you and Mrs.
Eccles ( if she is to accompany you ) would not
come by for a visit with us.
We are now residĀ­
ing at our home on Lake Waco and thought you would
enjoy a quiet day in the country, after your ConĀ­
vention appointment is over.
We will attend the Convention and could bring you
home with us in our car.
Sincerely yours,

Walter G< Lacy


May 13, 1939. I
Dear Mr. Lacy:
This is to thank you for your note of May 11
inviting Mrs. Eccles and me to visit you and Mrs. Lacy
at your home on Lake Waco after the Convention is over.
I certainly wish it were possible for us to
take advantage of your kind hospitality. However, I am
literally making a flying trip to Texas, leaving here by
plane on Wednesday, spending Thursday in Dallas, Friday
in Houst cm, and returning by plane on Friday night.
On behalf of Mrs. Eccles and myself, I wish
you would convey to Mrs. Lacy our thanks for the invitation
and our sincere regrets that we cannot accept.
With kindest personal regards,
Sincerely yours,

Mr. Walter Garner Lacy,
Waco, Texas.