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September 13, 193?

The Honorable Marriner S. Eccles
Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir:
As you will remember, you donated your honorarium
of |300.00 as a speaker for our Business and Pro­
fessional Men's Group to the University to be used
for scholarship purposes in the Evening School.
For a long time we have wanted to encourage able
and worthy students in the night high schools to
continue their education at night. There are three
night high schools ih Cincinnati so we divided the
money into three annual awards of $35.00 each, to
run for three years. The high school principals
were asked to select three outstanding students who
would not be able to continue with their studies
without this help.
We thought you would be interested in the enclosed
clipping from this morning’ Enquirer, since it has
a picture of two of the boys selected this past year.
May we thank you again for donating this money? As
you can see, it has possibilities of doing a great
amount of good.
Sincerely yours

V. H. Drufner, /J
Director of Evening and
Extension Courses


September 27, 1937*

Mr. V. H. Drufher,
Director of Evening and Extension Courses,
University of Cincinnati,
College of Engineering and Commerce,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
My dear Mr. Drufner:
This will acknowledge your letter of
September 13th enclosing a clipping from the
Enquirer regarding the disposition of the $300
honorarium which Mr. Eccles donated to the
Mr. Eccles is in the west at the
present time, but upon his return your letter
will be called to his attention.
Very truly yours,

Secretary to Mr. M. S. Eccles.