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U nited S t a t e s T ariff C o m m i s s i o n
8th a n d

E Streets N. W .


November 27, 1936.
Honorable Marriner S. Eccles,
Governor, Federal Reserve Board,
Washington, D. U.
Dear Marriner:
I thank you for coining out and giving us that fine talk Wednesday
Members of the Inquirendo Club were thrilled with it. I stayed around
a little bit after you left and talked with them about it.
They were all
greatly stimulated by your vigorous and clear presentation of the problems
and methods of meeting them.
They were not only given a lot of new information
but were made to see the logic of a side of the governmental problems which
they had not been able to understand heretofore.
You have done a real public
service in your talk.
Tfe are all grateful to you for it.
We know that you are extremely busy and we appreciate your devotion
to the task you have at hand.
Because of our realizing the situation we
do doubly appreciate your attendance and contribution.
Those men are real
friends of yours.
You won them completely.
You have made a great record in your brief public service here
in Washington and I wish you every success in your continued activities here.
I am proud of you and I am sure all your other boyhood Logan friends are
With every good wish, I am


November 30, 1936.

Dear Id:
This is to acknowledge your very com­
plimentary and reassuring note of November 27th
commenting upon the talk which I gave before the
Inquirendo. That is such a keen and intelligent
group that it is bound to be stimulating to any­
one who attempts to speak before it.

One never knows what sort of an impres­
sion is being made and naturally I am very much
gratified to hear from an old friend like yourself
that what I attempted to say was so favorably re­
ceived. Needless to say, I deeply appreciate your
generous comments and your good wishes which I
wholeheartedly reciprocate.
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,

Honorable Edgar B. Brossard
United States Tariff Commission
Washington, D. C.