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July 27, 1959

Dear Marios
From prefeat indications I expect
to arrive in San Francisco about the first or
second of August and rill have two or three day**
leeway before the beginning of ny Arny duty at the
Presidio. I shall call you soon after arrival and
hope that you will not be too busy to see ae even
though 1 hail froa Washington, whence, froa your
point of vie*, no good tree sen blow. I shall also
hope for the pleasure of visiting briefly with your

Tith best wishes in which the fasaily
join, I aa
Yours sincerely,

Lawrence Cl&ytoa
Assistant to the Chairman

Hr. L. H. Ciannini, President
Bank of Aaerica, I. ?. & S. A*
San Francisco, California
LC/f gr