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January 2k,
Dear Mac:
I am taking up with you the matter of the Board vacancy left
by Chester Davis, inasmuch as I discussed this with you on the phone a
week or so ago. The President has been good enough to consult with me
about this vacancy and to put off a final decision so that every effort
oould be made to find the best available representative of agriculture
to fill the place. After giving it a great deal of consideration, I am
satisfied that the two best possibilities are E. M. Evans, of the AAA,
and Bill Myers, who headed the Farm Credit Administration prior to going back to Cornell in September, 1933*
Of the two, I feel it would be more desirable to appoint Evans
who has uerred continuously with the Administration, first as the AAA
representative in Iowa, then as Special Assistant to the Secretary of
Agriculture in 193&* and since 1938 AS Administrator of AAA. He has an
excellent record and possibly nobody in the country would be more acceptable to the agricultural groups. He is well regarded by everyone in
the Administration who knows him as well as in Congress, and meets every
requirement to be the agricultural representative on the Board. I doubt
that anyone is any better informed than he is in the broad field of
agricultural production, marketing, and particularly farm finance and
Bill layers likewise has a fine record and qualifications, but
he has been out of touch with the Washington Administration and the
national scene since he returned to Cornell, and there may be some
question of his technical eligibility for appointment owing to the faot
that he is from Hew York and one Board member, Ernest Draper, has already been appointed from that district. Our counsel think this difficulty could be overcome and no question would be raised provided Senator
Glass1 approval were obtained. However, Evans, who lives in Virginia,
could be appointed from this district without any question.
I have talked to Wallace, who thinks Evans would make an excellent Board member to represent agriculture, and Wickard has told me
he would be for him second only to Appleby, whom he has been wanting to
get out of Agriculture for a long while.
I would appreciate it if you would ascertain from the President whether he would be willing to appoint Evans, and if not, whether
he would be favorable to Myers. I understand that Evans would accept,

- 2 -

but do not know whether Myers would do so, assuming the eligibility
matter could be cleared with Glass. 1 felt it would save the President's time if you could take this up with him rather than for me to
try to xaake an appointment to see him when he is so overcrowded. 1
will appreciate it greatly if you will let me know the President's
wishes in this matter.


Honorable Marvin H. Molntyre,
Secretary to the President,
The White House.