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La w Of f i c e s

C h a r i .e s W . C o l l i n s
N a t io n a l , P r e s s B d i l d in o

Wa s h i n g t o x , D. C.

L .G . G o u l i n s

December 26, 1934

Mr. Lawrence Clayton
Assistant to the Governor of
The Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C.
Dear Mr. Clayton:
Recalling the conference which you
had a few days ago with Mr. A. P. Giannini
and me, I would appreciate it if you could
give me the status of the applications for
special voting permits for the annual meetings
of First National Bank of Portland, First
National Bank in Reno and Bank of America,
N. T. & S. A. of San Francisco.
Yours very sincerely

Charles W. Collins