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Ootober 2i\,

Dear John:
In the light of our conversations I felt that
I ou^it to pass on to you two more typical clippings,
one from Rube Lewis* magazine "Finance" in Chicago, and
the other from the American Banker, and to tell you that
I have had a talk with Jake but it was not at all satisfactory. He is very belligerent, critical and disparaging, not merely so far as the Board and I are concerned but also toward the Administration generally. I
expect to talk with Jake again before he leaves town
the early part of next week and 1*11 let you know what,
if anything, comes of it.
If you think it advisable, you might pass this
note and clippings on to the President*
Sincerely yours.


Honorable John Snyder,
Secretary of the Treasury,
Washington, D. C.