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November 24, 1936.

My dear Senators
Ever sine© the election I have meant to send you a note
to say that your victory was a source of great satisfaction to
those of us here who are familiar with your record in public service, I have not forgotten the help that you gave us in connection
with the Banking Act of 1955* and I foel that your knowledge and
general viewpoint with reference to the banking situation in the
country are of the utmost importance* particularly at this tiae*
I BM hoping that it will accord with your wishes and
that the way will be opened for the Senate to take advantage of
your services on the Banking and Currency CoBnnittee> on which, I
believe, there are several vacancies* one caused by the death of
Senator Cousens. While this is, of course, a natter entirely of
senatorial prerogative, it would be a great personal satisfaction
if you are to continue to take the same interest in banking end
monetary problems that you had during your service in the House.
In any event, your presence in the Senate will be very
reassuring to those of us who are concerning with banking and
monetary problems, and I cannot let the opportunity pass to say
so and to offer you my congratulations.
Ifith kindest regards,

Sincerely yours,

I * S* Eccles,
Honorable Prentiss I * Brown,
St* Ignace, Michigan*

) ;ET:b

P R E N T I S S hi. B R O W N


J£>lcile& JSbcrxcxie
W A S H I N G T O N , D. C.

Washington, D. C»,
December 11, 1936.

My dear Mr. Sccles:
It was nice of you to write me as you did under date
of November 24th and I appreciate your highly commendatory
egressions concerning ray work on the Banking and Currency
Committee of the House.
It is my wish to get on the Senate Banking and Currency
Committee and if you would have no objection to doing so, I would
be pleased to have you write Senator Eobinson expressing to him
whatever you think my fitness may be for a place on that committee.
With kindest personal regards, I am
Very truly yours,


Honorable M. S. Sccles,
Chairman, Board of Governors,
Federal Heserve System,
Washington, D* C.


December 15, 1936.

My dear Senators
With reference to your note of December 11th,
let me say that I shall take advantage of the first opportunity to make Senator Eobinson acquainted with ay
own belief that your presence on the Banking and Currency Committee of the Senate would not only be appropriate in view of your distinguished service on the
House Cosmiittee, but would be especially advantageous
from the standpoint of the Federal Reserve System and
all of those who are interested ia sound and constructive banking legislation.*
While I am not sure that I ought to go on record by letter to the Senator since, as you are aware*
it alght j&ppear to be overstepping the proprieties and
would* therefore, not be helpful, it seems to me that
it would not be inappropriate for ae to let the Senator
know at least informally of my own views* and I shall
take the first occasion to do so* I hope that before
then you will acquaint the Senator with your own preferences* I understand that there are several vacancies
on the Cosaittee*
With kindest personal regards*

Sincerely yours*

H« S» Eccles*
Honorable Prentiss K« Brown*
United States Senate*