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December 15, 1939.

In accordance with cur B — T W t l o « in your
on DMMJMr 12* 1939» I today addressed a
l e t t e r t o OGiaptroller D«lano» a copy of irfeic::: I s
enclosed for jour lnfoHM%loiu

K« B,

Secretary of


ueceiuDer 14

daar l&r, C<ssptroll«flrt
As outlined in ay u m i i m t l o a with you to&ay
aiUc of &aeriea t ?*. ?• and S, A* tfi« SMMPI doe© r>ot foel t h a t
i t i s fully infor«#d* I&en Goveamor Ransom attended the —ntlai
in Secretary KiSBMftlMM*! office i n the Fall a y w ago the At**
ousaion m e eo&oertied witii UMP gaeftliMI of the Comptroller of tlie
CurreBoy iztetitnting t p«Mt«Alag KBtOT section 30 of tiie Barfic
A&t of 1933* In tMM ©iroHUiatai^ces the 3oercif in ViiW of I t i
t i o n In ©*aeh a proceeding, did not heliev© t h a t i t i h
&» opinion- IB sidvisfusa e i t h e r irpoti t h t s e r l t s of UM charges or as
to whether you should tftfct the
then masiber® of UM 8Mffi haT» tmderatood t h a t
t i a t i o u s iMldag MI tgVMttiai with ra«p#ot t o the G&opti&tt of
r e e t i r e is&eaeuree naT# been imd©r way* I r o ^ tim<& to time i t
received eonx&ucl cat ions from tbe aMUpHNKt of tl\e fctftk enclosing
oopiea of cox^unicatioius MKt to your office. Whilt i t ham bad
copies of reports of exaatlnation of the bant taA reeer.tly, a t i t s
, 3ms received frm-& your Offlte copies of tmm of the corvltll trie feaxtk, i t Aoec not hsTe • coaiplete piotur© of
t2xe alt'ciation from. f W
t t l a e ago t ae you Krere advi£ted( the aasageaeet of
tiM bonk: MfpMittl and vaa flgjalli an opportijsity to dis
condition of the bank froa i t e viewpol&'t inforsealiy i»ith
of tlie Board, At t h a t tisae the bank f a repr&aetitatives s t a t e d t k t
they w@r© <sotiBifibrins isatlsijRg m reqtwwit t t e t tbe Board* um^er It©
s t a t u t o r y a u t h o r i t y , examine the bank. In tit© circumstances th®
Board would sppr^ciat# b@iEg IflPM^Mi up to det# for tho pttyNMMi of
determining: ^>e%hT i t way be helpfrai i s working oiat tbe s i t u a t i o n
of the baak in tise public i n t e r e s t ,

B« Eeclec
The Comptroller of lae