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June 19, 19U6.

Mr. Harry C. b u m a , Sditor,
The Great lakes Banker,
105 West Monroe Street,
Chicago, Illinois,
Dear Mr, Bausaan;
It was 00at disooaoerting to me to di soover that
your May issus contains a Tory stuoh garbled report of ay en­
tirely impromptu talk at the luncheon in St, Louis on May 2
of the Illinois Bankers Association,
As I was Merely passing through St. Louis and had
not expected to attend the luncheon or to be called upon to
speak, this had to be a purely extemporaneous discussion of
what is, on the uhole, a pretty technical subject* There­
fore, I am not blamiag the stenographer idio transcribed it
and who m s doubtless unfamiliar with the subject mtter,
or m I defending my own exposition, Ths point I wanted to
m k e is that I did not know this m s to appear in print and
if I had known it I would have wished to have an opportun­
ity to 90 ewer it and edit it so that it would at least
m k e ordinary sense. In the garbled form in idiioh it ap­
pears, it is in m a y places unintelligent and unintellig­
ible, There is nothing that esa bo done about it at this
late date, 1 felt I should let you know that I regret very
much that I was not given an opportunity to go orer It aad
m k e the necessary revisions before it was printed.
Sincerely yours.

(S ign ed ) M S M e s
M, 8 , Eccles,


I would appreciate it iJ^ymTwould publish this letter
in your next issue.
1 n

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Eccles, Marriner S. “Address by Hon. Marriner S. Eccles.” Great Lakes Banker, May 1946, pp. 7576.