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Booor*bl« Harold D.

S a j

Director, Bturaui of th* buu^et,
State DtpartflMBt Building*
ihiagtoa (15) D« C.
Dear rUrold:
Tof«th«T Rlth • ;-L- ra of tfea s t a f f , 1 ruve
giv«n • great deal of i=nou^ht t o tae sn&tt«r of m«icing
effective the EiiiOxoyintTit Act of 19^6. Uur coiiciuai
IT* c.;nt;.ined in tne accoapwiyiii^ ttiemorcndum, I i;ri
b«? h&ppy to hi v* v>u u^.4 ;w UIJZIG in eoBB^otioD «ith
support for 1 prograa oi' the tyj
ilined in the i
i)h:>\ilci you Oftrt to do
Our view
L uiviesb the Director of tne
BuJget la x^de Chalimaa oi tiie Council of IcoaoAlo
Advisers the iict will not be •XfsotlT^ly ftdttliiiAts]
To ittnhli^fcl ciii oiitir-iy BM u ency In t h e Executive
0:1'ice of t h e Presiaent t o OOordlA4t0 economic poiiuie
t.nd profTMM without lat«fr&tiDg i t **ith the xiuroau of
the 3udgft m i l to ^as t o £o co-.i»t-r t o t
for greater c o a t r a l i z a t i o n of ftathorit| and r^apaaa
ftith respect t o Federal acoooailc ;oiicy.
bincor^iy y<mr«f

U. S« >ccles,
fillti IBfli