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J O S E P H D. G O O D M A N


611 W* Up sal St*


Jtine 5, 1939
Dear Governor EcclesI hep© you will unequivocally oppose the
proposal to establish capital credit banks* Adequate facilities exist
for credit of all kinds; the only kick comes from those whose ability
to repay loans is highly doubtful, and from certain radical New Dealers
who desire to control all credit facilities* This step, which is plain
socialization or nationalisation of credit, is merely another move toward
complete Government control of everything - known abroad as CGft®fONI£M#
Certailly, your experience in the private banking
world does not warrant your approval of these radical ideas*
As things stand today, the middle-classes are being
wiped out; everyone is beginning to "share poverty" instead of "sharing
the wealth"*
These new proposals will simply put out of business
many concerns, banks, and individuals* For what purpose other than the
mad desire to @8t votes to remain in power*!

Yours very truly,

June 9, 1939*

Mr. Joseph D. Goodman,
611 Ii. Upsal Street*,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Dear Mr, Goodman:
As Chairman Eccles is temporarily absent from the
city attending the Convention of the District of Columbia
Bankers Association, I wish to acknowledge on his behalf
receipt of your letter of June 5*
Mr* Eccles, who read your letter just before leaving, requested me to send you a copy of his statement
before the Senate banking* and Currency Committee with
reference to the Me&d bill, Ahis is enclosed.
Very truly yours,

Elliott Thurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman,


Received in
^Rirman's Office


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