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January 3, 1939*

Hon. Marriner S. Eccles,
Chairman, Board of Governors
of the Federal Reserve System,
Washington., D* C.

My dear Governor Eccles:
I have read with a great deal of pleasure the copy
of your letter to Senator Byr£ under date of December 22.
I think it is excellent, perhaps the best of your speeches
and addresses vfhich I have yet seen. I note that it was
released jj^ the morning papers of December 26. Could you
send me a dozen copies?

I am sure I could place them where

they could do some good.
Sincerely yours,

Frfederic A. Delano
Chairman, Advisory Committee.


January U, 1939*

My dear Mr. Delano:
Your letter of January 3d with
reference to my recent reply to Senator
Byrd of Virginia is especially gratifying
because, as you know, 1 value your opinion
In accordance with your request,
I have had sent to you under separate cover
a dozen copies of the letter*
Sincerely yours,

It, 3, Eccles,
Chairman •

Honorable Frederic Delano,
Chairman, Advisory Committee,
National Resources Committee,
North Interior Building,
Washington, D» C.<


Received m

JAN 4-1939
Board Ot Ctovernorfc
Of the

Federal Beoenre aystra