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Harch II, 1958.

Wy dear Goveraors
Before leaving for a short Florida
visit, I mm eager to assure 70a of ay appreciation of your thoughtful note of March 6th,
and I want to tell you how sorry X aa to know
of the trials and tribulations to which you
have been subjected* I certainly hope, and X
aa sure every aember of the Board will agree
with ae, that you will lay aside any cares of
your office and devote yourself exclusively to
the task of recuperation.
Mrs. Scclea joins me in extending to
you and Mrs. Haalln every good wish aad our
earnest hopes for your speedy restoration*
Sincerely yours.

Honorable Charles S. Haalin,
The Hay Ad&aa,
Washington, D, G.


s. Charles S. Hamlim
The Hay Adams