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February 23, 1954»

Dear Ur« Wienert
I am MM}i4M&Jlg &n i n t e r e s t i n g
coniaiBiicatior. from a friend of mine in S a l t
Lake, Mrs* Lucjr G*ites Bowsnp who I s Chsirsan
of The Co»aitbee for the Advanc^aent of National
Opera &% Iifrni I am a l s o mxoloffln.^ copy of
wy reply*
You mi?ht turn thia over to
Colonel Salt* as one o u t l e t where Public funds
could be spent to «clientage diB*lag the next fow

Sincerely yoursf

«ir# FradericK B«
Federal l^er^ency Administration
of Public forks,



February 24, 1934.



Dear Mr. Eccles:
I thank you for your letter of February 23 enclosing
correspondence with Sirs. Bowen in regard to the advancement
of national opera.
I should be glad to mention this to Colonel Waite when
he returns from his trip, but I should point out that such
a project would not be eligible under the Act as it stands.
Similar activities carried on by the Civil Works Administration have, so I am informed, been financed by relief funds
rather than by the money made available by the Public! Works
I do not know just what the status of such a project
would be under the resolution passed by Congress the other
day, as I have not seen this resolution in its final form.
Very sincerely yours,

Hon. Marriner S. Eccles,
Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury,
Treasury Department,
Washington, D. C.