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December 11, 1959.
My dear Mayor LaGuardia:
Chairman Hinckley of the Civil Aeronautics Authority asked me over the telephone to airmail you such material as I might have with reference
to general taxation policy.
As I have discussed the subject so frequently and at such length over the past five years, I
shall not attempt to burden you with all of the
material* but I am enclosing, and have marked extracts
from, an address I gave before the Harvard Business
School Alumni that bring out what seem to me to be
some of the essential considerations•
X trust that this may be of some use to
you and, needless to add, I shall be glad to give any
assistance I can at any time*
Sincerely yours.

Um S. Eccles,
Honorable Fiorello H« LaGuardia,
New York City.