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Th e F ir s t N a t i o n a l B a n k o f B o s t o n

o s t o n

6, M

a s s a c h u s e t t s

January 23, 19^6

Mr. Elliott Thurston
Assletant to the Chairman
Board of Governors of the
Federal Reserve System
Washington, D. 0.
Dear Mr. Thurston:
I was delighted to receive your letter of January 22,
saying that Mr. Sccles has agreed to speak before the Alumni of
the Graduate School of Banking, in Hew York city, Saturday evenĀ­
ing, April 6,
You will he advised as soon as we know definitely where
the meeting will he held.
his talk, or
like to have
glad to hear

meanwhile, Mr. Sccles selects a specific title for
if you have any definite ideas ahout how you would
us handle the publicity on the meeting, I shall he
from you.
Sincerely yours

E. Morvon Jennings, Jr.
Loan Officer