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6460 Kercheral Arena«
M 24, 1 9 »

Mr. Elliott Thurston
Special Assistant to the Chairman
Federal Reserve Board
Washington, 0. C.
My dear Mr. Thurston:
Confirming our recent conference in your office,
the writer trusts that it may be convenient for Chairman
Ecclea, Governor Draper, or some other member of the
Federal Reserve Board to address a luncheon to be arranged
in their honor under the auspices of The Economic Club of
Detroit, upon which occasion they would be the only
speaker on a subject of current economic interest to the
more than 900 business and professional mod comprised
within our membership*
The important part which Detroit plays as a baro­
meter of the general economic well-being of the entire
United States we beliere will become increasingly apparent
to you if you and yoir associates can arrange to cam more
intimately in touch with the various industrial and finan­
cial interests which center here.
Enclosed herewith we take pleasure in sending you
a copy of oir last year'a printed Progress Report supple­
menting the list of speakers who hare thus favored us
daring the past sear.
Any suggestions which you may have fran time to
time along these lines will be greatly eppredated.


June 3» 1938*

Mr. Allen B. Crow, President,
The Economic Club of Detroit,
6^60 Kercheval Avenue,
Detroit, Michigan.
My dear Mr. Crow:
This is to thank you for your letter of May
¿4 , enclosing a copy of your Progress Keport of last
year as well as the typical programs.
It is evident that you gathered together a
most representative group and I hope that the occasion
may present itself when, as you suggest, Chairman Eccles,
Mr. Draper or some other member of the Board may taice
advantage of the opportunity to meet with you.
It was a pleasure to talk with you when you
were in Washington and I hope that you will stop in when
you are here again.

Very sincerely yours,

Elliott Thurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman.