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LORNA JOLLEY, Vice President




Logan, Utah

March 23, 1948

Mr. Llliott Thurston
Assistant to the Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Washington, B. C.
Dear Mr. Thurston:
Thank you for your favor of March 15 informing me of the
status of ray invitation to Hr. Eccles. I realize the heavy
load which is pressing all of you and I am appreciative that
Mr. Eccles has, under the circumstances, consented to consider
our invitation.
Your suggestion that you advise me shortly after Mr. Eccles'
return from the south is agreeable. I shall appreciate every
effort you and he may be able to make to arrange an appearance
at Utah State within the next five or six weeks.
Thanking you for your kind cooperation, I am,
Sincerely yours,


April 2, 1948.

Mr. Desmond L. Anderson, President,
Associated Students,
Utah State Agricultural College,
Logan, Utah.
Dear Mr. Anderson:
It has been very much in my mind to take advantage of
your invitation of February 14 to speak before your groiip. Ac­
cording to my presept plans, I expect to be in the lest sometime
towards the end of this month -and the first part of May and I
probably could arrange to appear as you suggest, though I may not
have time to prepare any special talk. However, if I cc?uld speak
to the group informal ly fol* possibly a half an hour or so and
speak off the record without having what 1 say taken down or made
available to the press, it would probably be the most satisfactory
arrangement, certainly from my standpoint. I wonder if you could
advise me whether it is possible to arrange for such an off-therecord 'talk.
Aside from my great interest in my own State, 1 have
always found it riiuch more stimulating and thought-provoking to
speak to student groups than to most groups of their elders, whose
minds are so 6ften fease-hardened by the years, or their environment,
or both. And I am all the more inclined to try to accept your invi­
tation because of'its cordiality.
I would appreciate it if you could advise me as to the time
that would be the most convenient from your standpoint and also as t.o
whether 1 may speak off the record, how long you would wish me to talk,
and whether you have a question period afterwards.
Federal Reserve Bank of St.

Again thanking you for your invitation, 1 am
Sincerely yours,

M. S. Eccles,
Chairman pro tem.