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The Christian. Science AVonitor
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O f f ic e


One, NorwayStreet, Boston. Massachusetts

F i n a n c i a l E d ito r

December 24, 1956

Mr. Elliott Thurston,
Federal Reserve Board,
Washington, S. C.
Dear Mr. Thurston:
I do not know whether or not I have been
dropped from your mailing list, but I never received
a copy of Mr. Eccles'3 speech in New England which,
apparently, was released recently.

I hope you can

send me a copy.
With best wishes for the New Year.

Sincerely yoursy*

H. B. Elliston
Financial Editor


December 28, 1938.

Mr. H. B. idliston, Financial Editor,
The Christian Science Monitor,
One, Norway Street,
Boston, Massachusetts.
Dear Mr. Blliston:
In accordance with your note of December 24th,
I am sending you herewith a copy of Mr. Eccles' speech
in Boston. This was intended to be off the record, but
it was taken down by stenotype and he had a few copies
mimeographed, but not for general distribution. It was
not given out as a release and that is why you did not
get it on the regular mailing list, from which you have
definitely not been dropped.
Please let me reciprocate most heartily your
good wishes for the New Year.
Sincerely yours,

Elliott Thurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman.