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Noveaber IS, 1946

Donald Gordon
Wartime Prices and trade Board
Ottawa, Canada
Appreciate your l e t t e r .

For your information Board

i s announcing in morning newspapers of tomorrow (Saturday,
Hovesfcer 16} revision, ojf Regulation 1 relative to consumer credit*
Revision narrows regulation to instalment credit, reducing listed
articles from t h i r t y six to twelve categories of major durables,
retaining one-third down payment on automobiles, refrigerators,
washing machines, radios, et cetera, and twenty per cent on
furniture but extending maturity to fifteen months across the
board for purpose of simplification,

Bevision dropB regulation of

charge accounts and single-payment loans and exeispta articles
under fifty dollars.

A forwarding copy of release and revised

text of regulation.
M. S. Bodes,