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28 School Street
Orange, Mass*
Dec. 28, 1938

Marriner S* Eccles
Chairman Federal Reserve Board
Washington, D. C#

Dear Chairman Eccles:
Bully for youl Your letter to Senator Byrd of Virginia should
arrest the attention and meet the approval of every liberalminded citizen in the country*

t is not only irrefutable in argument, but a just and forceful
rebuke to that type of advocate who act and speak as if in the
direct employ of corporate or special interests*
The Senator's brother the Admiral, toured the country a few years
ago as the hired-man of a capitalistic organization opposed to
government expenditures for Soldier's Bonuses. This from a man
receiving a handsome bonus himself from the government ever since
^ e turned an ankle while on parade as a cadet at Annapoiis* I
guess its in the blood of these Byrd boys to win public attention
and gain personal prestige - the senator has been mentioned as a
prospective Presidential candidate - rather than serve the public
interests in anything they may premote or advocate.
But thanks for that letter* It is a defense of the Rooseveltadministrative policies from a new angle which I predict will
attract nation-wide attention and baffle Senator Byrd and his
monopolistic backers in trying to refute*

Sincerely yours

Everett W. Coleman


January 3, 1939*

Mr* Everett v«.
k8 School o t r e e t ,
Orange, Massachusetts,
Dear i£r* Colernan;
This is to acknowledge receipt of your
letter of December ^8th witn reference to my recent reply to benator Byrd. I was glad to have
your comments, and I wanted you to know that 1
appreciated your thoughtfulness in writing to me.
bincerely yours,

M. b. Eccles,