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December IX, 1956«

My dear Senator:
While I know that you are swamped «1th similar
material and I am hesitant about burdening you with my own
words, 1 felt that you might wish to see the enclosed copy
of a talk which I gave recently before the 7th Hew England
Bank Management Conference of the Sew England Council in
Boston, because It deals with some problems as I see them
concerning the recovery movement*
This was given extemporaneously and was Intended
to be off the record* However, it was taken down by stenotype and a copy sent to me which X have somewhat revised In
order to make It available to tome of those who are Interested
in these questions* Accordingly, I am taking the liberty of
inflicting a copy upon you*
It had been my hope to be able to stop off at
iynchburg this week at least long enough for a call upon yon.
I had planned to visit the Richmond bank and to be present at
one of the regular meetings of the directors. Urgent matters
here, however, obliged me to cancel the Intended trip, which
I regretted all the more because I have newer had an oppor­
tunity of seeing much of your State and I had thought I might
partly repair that omission by driving around via Lynchburg
and then on to Richmond*
I hope to have an early opportunity of renewing our
conversations} taking advantage of your courtesy in inviting
me to discuss Federal Reserve matters with you from time to
Sincerely yours,

8* S. Socles,
Honorable Carter Glass,
United States Senate,
Washington, D* C*