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Ce n t r a l H a n o v e r B a n k
Seven ty


Tr u s t C o m p a n y

B roadway

New Y ork

May 16, 1938

Trust Dept*

Board of Governors,
Federal Reserve System,
Washington, D.G.
If they are available for distribution
among libraries, we should appreciate it if you would
send us copies of the letter written by Mr. Eccles to
Mr. Patman regarding proposed changes in the Federal
Reserve Act, dated May 2, 1938, and the speech of Mr.
Eccles at the New Jersey Bankers Association, May 12,
Please address the Library, Central
Hanover Bank and Trust Company, 70 Broadway, New York,

Thank you for your courtesy*
Very truly yours,

Assistant Secretary


May 17, 1938.

Mr. G. K. Handley, Assistant Secretary,
Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company,
70 Broadway,
New York City.
My dear Mr. Handley:
In accordance with your request of May 16th,
there are enclosed two copies of Chairman Eccles'
address before the New Jersey Bankers Association on
May 13, 1938.
with reference to your request for copies of
the letter sent by Mr* Eccles to Mr. Patman, there are
no copies of this letter available for distribution.
a s it was made public by the House Banking and Currency
Committee, I would suggest that you write directly to
that Committee.
Very truly yours,

Elliott i'hurston,
Special Assistant
to the Chairman.